VAM packed from beginning to end

Robert B. Smith was the 2020 winner of the SVS Lifetime Achievement Award. He collected the accolade during the VAM 2021 in San Diego

From the opening session on the Wednesday morning of the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM), to announcing the winners of the Poster Competition Championship Round on Saturday afternoon, attendees at the 2022 meeting will find plenty to keep them interested. 

That’s by design, said Andres Schanzer, MD, chair of the SVS Program Committee, which oversees the VAM schedule. He added attendees should be sure to keep that in mind when making travel arrangements. “We’ve been adjusting the schedule, starting last year, to make sure the plenary sessions are free from competing sessions. Then, working with the Postgraduate Education Committee [PGEC], which oversees more than 25 other educational sessions, we crafted a schedule with as few overlapping topics as possible.” 

On Wednesday morning, for example, attendees can move from the abstracts at the International Fast Talk session, to the Opening Ceremony, to the William J. von Liebig Forum (the first plenary session), to the second plenary session, and then to the E. Stanley Crawford Critical Issues Forum, without missing any other sessions. 

In the afternoon, attendees can choose the Vascular and Endovascular Surgical Society (VESS) abstract presentations from 12:45 to 6 p.m. or two “Ask the Expert” sessions, a special session on policy and advocacy, as well as the International Poster Competition and a welcome reception for the World Federation of Vascular Societies (WFVS). 

Similar choices are in store Thursday through Saturday between postgraduate courses and other educational sessions. “All in all, we’ve reduced overlap as much as possible,” said William P. Robinson, MD, PGEC chair. The readjustments allow attendees to maximize their experience, taking in sessions on a wide variety of topics. And beyond the educational offerings, there continue to be several special events as well, among them: 

The Roy Greenberg Lecture, 9:30 to 10 a.m. Thursday, presented by Jan Brunkwall, MD, of the University of Cologne, Germany 

The Awards Ceremony, presenting the recipient of the SVS Lifetime Achievement Award and/or of the SVS Medal for Innovation


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