Sudanese vascular association readies for first-ever conference

The Sudanese Association of Vascular Surgery (SudAVaS)

The Sudanese Association of Vascular Surgeons (SudAVaS) has announced the scientific program behind its first-ever international conference, marking the occasion by celebrating the “first steps in establishing vascular surgery as a standalone surgical specialty” in the northeast African country.

The meeting takes place in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum from Feb. 7–8, with the program covering the full gamut of the vascular beds, as well as training issues, vascular trauma and the history of vascular surgery in Sudan.

SudAVaS President Isam Osman, MBBS, hailed the Sudanese vascular surgical community ahead of the event, writing in an open letter: “… I must pay tribute to the few lonely vascular surgeons in Sudan who have toiled for years on their own, often in very challenging circumstances.”

Osman also expressed thanks to those who had helped craft the program. “We hope it will inspire our young graduates to consider a career in vascular surgery,” he added. “I apologize also to the dozens of colleagues who we would have liked so much to invite to attend in person but we were unable to do so as we have arranged this conference on a shoestring budget. I hope that in the future our partners in vascular industry will see Sudan as an emerging market.”


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