Vascular Specialist–February 2023


In this issue:

  • Educate, and educate, and educate again: The continuing quest for appropriate venous care (p. 1 and 6)
  • Likes, dislikes and reposts: “The brave new world of social media, with its TikToks and Kardashians, has now invaded our once-sane specialty,” write Jean Bismuth, MD, and Jonathan Cardella, MD (p. 2 and 4)
  • More than a research project: The vascular trainee’s role in tackling disparities in peripheral arterial disease, according to Chloé Powell, MD, is outlined in this month’s Corner Stitch column (p. 5)
  • Extensive coverage from SAVS 2023 in Puerto Rico, including: “The case for aggressive intervention on symptomatic carotid web” (p. 10–11)


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