SVS unveils proposal outlining changes to Society bylaws


Voting members of the SVS will have the opportunity to consider a bylaws referendum, with key amendments related to membership and the composition of the SVS Executive Board.

The voting follows the SVS Strategic Board of Directors’ formal approval of the Executive Board’s proposals. Voting will begin Nov.6 and run through Nov. 20.

Key amendments include Article III changes, which involves providing enhanced privileges for Early Active members. Approval will “codify” the establishment of “Early Active” membership in the SVS for those who have completed their training but are not eligible for Active membership. This has been piloted over the past year with great success and support. Early Active members will be able to serve on committees and vote in SVS elections. Currently, only Active and Senior SVS members may vote.

There are also changes to Articles V and VII concerning the composition of the Executive Board. Approval will alter the composition of the Executive Board so it aligns with current best practices for medical societies to establish “competency-based” models of governance that provide greater diversity of perspective for decision-making and governance, as well as provide for greater flexibility and agility to address evolving needs over time. The composition of the EB would change in two distinct ways:

The first change increases the size of the Executive Board from nine to 11 members. Currently, the nine members include six elected officers (three elected, and three acceding from previous election) and three appointed members determined by their committee positions: chair of the SVS Community Practice Section, chair of the Program Committee and a representative from the Strategic Board of Directors. Under the proposal, two additional non-officer members would be added, with all five serving as “at-large” members, on staggered terms. These members would be selected and appointed by the EB, following consultation with the Nominating Committee and Strategic Board of Directors, based on identified priority gaps in expertise or perspective. At-large members will be required to have been SVS members in good standing for at least five years.

The second change will alter the nominating process for SVS officers (vice president, secretary and treasurer). The Nominating Committee will have the flexibility to bring forward a minimum of two, and maximum of four candidates for each vacant officer position. This will provide opportunity to expand diversity of choice amongst highly qualified candidates and permit the voting membership to choose. Additionally, the Executive Board and the Strategic Board of Directors will actively compile existing competencies in their respective memberships, identify gaps of needed perspective and expertise and share these findings with the Nominating Committee.

A review of the changes is available at For answers to any questions, email [email protected].


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