SVS launches vascular branding toolkit

Joseph Mills

“Surgery is only part of our story.” Or as SVS Public and Professional Outreach Committee chair Joseph Mills, MD, recently put it in a recent SVS Town Hall on branding: “We’re the only specialty that really is a vascular surgeon, but we also do all the other stuff that other specialties do.”

The Society is now two years into an effort to help shift misperceptions that surround what it is vascular surgeons do, buttressed by the kind of branding that lays out the comprehensive nature of the specialty’s care provision. The pithy tagline—making clear surgery is just one part of the vascular surgeon’s toolkit—adorns elements of the marketing materials that have come out of the SVS branding initiative.

Now members can join the effort on the ground after the launch of the SVS branding toolkit, which is designed to enable members put to work messaging that broadens understanding of vascular surgery among target groups like primary care referral doctors, hospital administrators and patients themselves.

The materials—customizable flyers, vascular disease-specific referral guides and videos—are available for members to download. The flyers, for instance, can be modified to suit the specific needs of surgeons and their practices.

The SVS describes the toolkit as a “robust set of customizable branding tools designed to help you educate referral sources and promote your role in comprehensive vascular care.” The Society believes that the greatest impact on brand recognition for vascular surgery will come through SVS members putting the toolkit to work at the local level.

The materials are available at no cost to members.


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