Straub Medical announces first patient treated in US with Rotarex S atherectomy device


Straub Medical, the US direct-sales subsidiary of Swiss outfit Straub Medical AG, has announced the launch and first intervention performed with the Rotarex S atherectomy device designed for treating occlusive peripheral vascular disease (OPVD). 

Baljeet Uppal, MD, of Pinnacle Vein and Vascular Center, Sun City, Arizona, who was the first physician to treat a U.S. patient with Rotarex S commented, “This 70-year-old patient had a 5cm-long, calcified, chronic total occlusion (CTO) of the popliteal artery.”

Discussing the case, he stated “The Rotarex S device performed flawlessly in opening the occlusion and restoring flow. It was simple to operate with a relatively short procedure time and no complications. The patient was able to go home just a few hours after the intervention. 

Summarizing the experience, he stated “In a field crowded by atherectomy devices, Rotarex S provides revascularization of the lower extremities in virtually all lesion types, be it thrombus, soft or calcified plaque. In the process it has minimized distal embolization. I see it becoming our tool of choice in the coming times.” 

Intended for use as an atherectomy device and to break up and remove thrombus from upper and lower extremity peripheral arteries, Rotarex S is available in both 6F and 8F configurations and compatible with 0.018” guidewire. The device is intended to treat vessels of diameter 3–8mm.

Rotarex S is a hybrid device that removes both atheroma and thrombus at the same time. Straub Medical uses the acronym MATH to describe this process, meaning mechanical atherectomy plus thrombectomyMany similar devices are only able to remove one or other component, or to only treat stenosis. Use of the device is not restricted by the nature of the occluding material, nor by the length of the occlusion. 

Scientific literature published on the device supports the safety of its use and the clinical benefit provided to patients. 

Gido Karges, Straub Medical Group CEO, commented, “I am proud we finally can bring this proven technology to the U.S. It is safe, fast, and produces reliable and lasting results. While we do not have specific U.S. data in that regard yet, we expect it to have a positive effect on overall treatment cost and thus U.S. OPVD health economics, too.

He went on to explain, “Clinically proven in terms of safety, efficacy and clinical success, this multifunctional tool from Switzerland is sure to be welcomed by U.S. physicians to increase their versatility and efficiency when treating their patients.”

Mike Napack, national director sales and marketing at Straub Medicalemphasized: “This device has been used successfully outside the U.S. for many years, and we have been eagerly waiting for it to be commercialized hereWith the introduction of Rotarex S in the U.S., today marks a milestone in the treatment of U.S. patients with occlusive peripheral vascular disease.” 

The Straub Medical Group has been marketing Rotarex S outside of the U.S. for more than two decades, with patients in more than 50 countries benefiting from its uniquely designed and safe operating mechanism.  


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