Postgraduate Courses: Six Sessions Offered


The 2016 Vascular Annual Meeting is offering six postgraduate courses on Wednesday, with two held concurrently in three time slots. SVS members get in free with their registration, a $300 value. Registration is required.

Topics for both the postgraduate courses and the hands-on workshops (also held Wednesday; see story in the May Vascular Specialist) are selected based on member feedback and requests, said Dr. Kellie Brown, chair of the Postgraduate Education Committee that is responsible for the sessions. “We try to cover topics that are current, timely, and necessary for the majority of our membership,” she said.

That includes a broader focus this year on both dialysis access and thoracic outlet, for example. “We’ve always done something on access, but a lot of members asked for more,” she said. “Not only is dialysis access a common issue, particularly for those in community practice, but it is also an area of innovation.”

Another session covers management of the diabetic foot. “Vascular surgeons deal with this every single day,” Dr. Brown said. “It’s a really common problem – so let’s talk about the best way to manage it during a session at VAM.”

This session on diabetic foot management also introduces a new VAM partner, the American Podiatric Medical Association, which worked with SVS and the Society for Vascular Medicine on a comprehensive new guideline for managing the diabetic foot. “Having joint sessions – and we have several this year – adds an extra layer to VAM sessions,” Dr. Brown said. “We get to offer examination of other aspects of a particular topic, which adds not only more information but also a certain level of excitement.”

Last year, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” drew the most attendees. For 2016, “Giants” is back, with different experts and a continued focus on open surgery. “People are so comfortable with the endovascular side, but open surgery is becoming less common. This offers an opportunity to learn the techniques from the masters,” she said.

As for next year, Dr. Brown advised anyone who has a topic idea to submit it with his or her VAM evaluation.

Session 1: 7 – 10 a.m.
P1: Controversies and Management of Lower Extremity Arterial Occlusive Disease
Moderators: Dr. Christopher J. Abularrage and Dr. Niten Singh

P2: Complete Management of Venous Disease: From Superficial to Deep
Moderators: Dr. Ruth L. Bush and Dr. Mark Meissner

Session 2: 10:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.
P3: SVS/APMA Joint Session: Management of the Diabetic Foot
Moderators: Dr. James R. Christina (APMA) and Dr. Matthew J. Eagleton (SVS)

P4: Hemodialysis: Challenges, Controversies and New Techniques
Moderators: Dr. Melissa L. Kirkwood and Dr. Jill Zink

Session 3: 2 – 5 p.m.
P5: Endovascular Strategies for Complex Aortic Scenarios
Moderators: Dr. Ali Azizzadeh and Dr. Edward Woo

P6: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Open Operative Techniques by the Masters
Moderators: Dr. Hasan Dosluoglu and Dr. Michael Rohrer


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