Navigating EMRs: SVS webinar to demonstrate how to make them work for vascular surgery


Vascular surgeons can learn how to make electronic medical records (EMRs) work for them at a webinar Sept. 7. The webinar, sponsored jointly by the Society for Vascular Surgery’s Community Practice Section and the Health Information Technology and Wellness committees, will begin at 6 p.m. Central time.

Panelists will discuss how to manage records to benefit daily practice needs; using EMRs in small independent practices, including outpatient-based (OBL) facilities; and how to manage the burnout so many physicians and surgeons feel as a result of dealing with electronic records.

Malachi Sheahan III, MD, who has written extensively on EMR issues, will discuss “Stating the problem of whether the EMR works for us or the other way around,” as well as burnout, mitigation strategies and SVS’ role to resolving the issue.

Other topics and speakers include:

  • Daniel Bertges, MD, strategies and updates on SVS discussions with Epic and PowerChart on ways to integrate vascular-specific documentation requirements and streamlining data entry.
  • London Guidry, MD, how the smaller independent group can effectively use EMRs in daily practice and/or the OBL setting, including barriers, challenges and advantages.
  • James Craven, MD, on the employed vascular surgeon experience.
  • Jeniann Yi, MD, on the challenges and opportunities of integrating different EMRs.

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