Learn the who, the when and the what of treating deep vein thrombosis


deep vein thrombosisBetween additional available therapies, multiple new devices now on the market and evolving re­search supporting thrombus removal, Patrick Muck, MD, and Madhavi Meka, MD, anticipated an informative session on deep vein thrombosis (DVT) at lunchtime Wednesday.

The two surgeons co-moderated Bringing What’s New in Deep Venous Thrombosis Treatments to You in 2023, from 12:30–1:30 p.m. in Potomac C. The American Venous Forum (AVF) is collaborating with the SVS on both this program and Deep Venous Stenting Summit: Tips and Tricks for Success, from 1:30 to 3 p.m. Friday in the same location.

“Attendees will leave with thrombus removal strategies, coupled with several new DVT therapeutic options in their armamentariums,” said Muck. “Dr. Meka and I view this session as one to help to guide vascular surgeons on who to treat, when to treat and what device to use.”

Topics and speakers for the session included “Deep Venous Thrombosis Interventions: Who Do We Treat and Why,” with Alessandra Puggioni, MD; the many therapeutic DVT options available, presented by Angela Kokkosis, MD; tips and tricks for aggressive thrombus removal, with William Marston, MD; and “IVC (inferior vena cava) thrombosis: What works,” with Glenn R. Jacobowitz, MD.

Deep vein thrombosis is a “hot topic,” said Muck. “It’s an area of vascular surgery practice that’s growing, and it’s really an exciting session.”

Meka agreed. “There has been a paucity of literature over the past few years regarding thrombectomy/thrombolysis of large veins,” she said.

“In the past, the emphasis for treatment of acute iliac and venacaval thrombosis was on clot resolution using cathe­ter-directed thromboslysis with percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy adjuncts such as Angiojet, EKOS and Trellis Thrombolysis systems. Prolonged infusion of lytics comes with the risk of hemorrhage, particularly intracranial. With emerging technology for enbloc clot removal (AngioVac, Inari, QuickClear, Penumbra, Jeti) infusion of lytics is becom­ing obsolete. The session intends to discuss some of these available techniques and gadgets.”

The presentations by Marston and Jacobowitz represent exciting topics. “There is more research now and more tools to choose from, along with information on which tool works where,” he said.


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