JVS group open-access papers


The Journal of Vascular Surgery (JVS) editors announced the open-access articles available in the flagship title’s March 2024 issue.

The relevant papers are: “Creating hemodialysis autogenous access in children and adolescents” (vascular.org/JVShemodialysis); “Safety and efficacy of mechanical aspiration thrombectomy for patients with acute lower extremity ischemia” (vascular.org/JVSsafety); “Safety and learning curve of percutaneous axillary artery access for complex endovascular aortic procedures” (vascular.org/JVSLearningCurve); and “Preoperative predictors of non-home discharge after F/BEVAR of complex abdominal and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms” (vascular.org/JVSpreoperative).

JVS-Venous and Lymphatic Disorders, now a fully open access peer review title within the JVS stable, is available at www.jvsvenous.org.


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