JVS group: Further changes in store for 2023

Ronald Dalman

The planned changes for 2023 for the Journal of Vascular Surgery publications continue the momentum that began in mid- 2022. As former Editor-in-Chief Peter Gloviczki, MD, and Senior Editor Peter Lawrence, MD, ended their six-year run as editors of all publications, a restructuring took place. Ronald Dalman, MD, was named executive editor to oversee all things JVS and to enhance brand identity for the publications. 

Separate editors also were appointed to lead each journal: Thomas Forbes, MD, editor-in-chief of JVS; Ruth Bush, MD, and Matthew Smeds, MD, editors-in-chief of JVS: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders (JVS:VL) and JVS-Cases, Innovations and Techniques (JVS-CIT), respectively; and Alan Dardik, MD, from editor to editor-in-chief of JVS-Vascular Science (JVS-VS). 

Other changes and additions planned for this year include: 

  • Focus on author experience as a priority for all JVS journals, including expectation of a less-than-30-day interval from submission to first decision 
  • Updated editorial board lineups for each JVS specialty journal 
  • Adoption of new guidelines for aspiring editorial board (EB) members, with defined and transparent metrics for EB selection and further leadership opportunities going forward 
  • A social medial editor for each journal, with assistance from SVS JVS-assigned staff 
  • Expansion of Audible Bleeding podcasts highlighting Editors’ Choice of the month articles, featuring editorial team interviews of selected authors to get the “story behind the story.” Selected articles will rotate between portfolio journals each month 
  • The official transition in January of JVS:VL from print to digital. The switch to digital-only reduces not only costs but also its environmental footprint 
  • A virtual special issue on peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in JVS-VS guest edited by Alan Daugherty, PhD, and David Vorp, PhD 
  • JVS-CIT’s inaugural “Virtual Special Issue” on new developments in treating PAD. Frank Arko, MD, of the Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute, will guest-edit the issue, which editors hope to have online in the spring. An additional special issue is planned for later in the year. 
  • The introduction of “How I Do It” articles in JVS-CIT, highlighting the work of surgeons known to excel at particular procedures 
  • JVS-CIT articles taking a different focus, including “Cases in Leadership,” written by graduates of the SVS Leadership Development Program 

“We’re excited about what we’re introducing this year,” said Dalman. “Our editors have lots of ideas on how to increase engagement and make our journals even more relevant to our members and others in the vascular surgery specialty.”


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