SVS unveils latest addition to JVS family of publications

New SVS journal, JVS-Vascular Insights

The year 2023 promises to be one of change for the Journal of Vascular Surgery (JVS) family of publications, including the introduction of a fifth journal. JVS-Vascular Insights (JVS-VI) launched this month as an online-only, open-access (non-subscription) title. This model is similar to that of JVS-Cases Innovations and Techniques (JVS-CIT) and JVS-Vascular Science (JVS-VS). The second journal, JVS: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders, (JVS:VL) remains a subscription-based publication. 

Launching the new publication, said Executive Editor Ronald Dalman, MD, “reflects the shared vision of the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) and Elsevier to further enhance the relevance of the JVS portfolio for today’s vascular specialist.” 

Insights will not focus on particular topics, such as vascular disease, veins, hard sciences, or technology and innovation and cases. Instead, editors would like qualitative, hypothesis-generating, and background research (trial planning) manuscripts; review articles; single-center quality improvement projects; practice management, business and ethics topics; as well as commentaries and historical vignettes. 

Manuscripts now featured in the JVS “Education Corner” will be transitioned to JVS-VI later this year, and case-by-case, targeted manuscripts are being redirected from the other journals to JVS-VI. 

Dalman said a finer focus will evolve over time, but he said it is already clear that the new title’s dedicated education forum will provide for a “far more robust consideration” of the topic than was possible previously because of space limitations. 

“Perhaps most importantly, however, our hope is that JVS-VI will engage new constituencies within vascular surgery, including the SVS Community Practice Section, to contribute those members’ insights and best practices into the lexicon of contemporary vascular care,” said Dalman. 

“As the SVS/American College of Surgeons Vascular Center Verification and Quality Improvement Program (VCVQIP) begins its rollout later this year, JVS-VI will be an ideal forum to consider the effectiveness and impact of this partnership.” 

Dalman will lead JVS-VI through the initial launch period, with active support from the editorial leadership of the other four journals. 

Late last year, it was announced that JVS:VL was going green. From this month, the publication is published exclusively online. 

“Society for Vascular Surgery [SVS] members, and millions of people throughout the United States and the world, are concerned about the environmental impact of the choices we make,” said JVS:VL editor-in-chief Ruth L. Bush, MD, explained of the decision to cease print publications of the journal. 


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