Insights from the VAM 2021 floor: The future of vascular surgery

First photo on left: Allen Li and Jessica Nguyen. Second photo (left to right): Adrienne Green, Ariel Francois, Sally Tarasey, Aderike Anjorin, Deena El-Gabri and Falen Demsas

The Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) presents great opportunities for medical students and residents who aspire to be vascular surgeons to network with, engage with and learn from vascular surgeons from all over the world. After a long day of vascular education, many of these VAM 2021 attendees gathered at the General Surgery Resident and Medical Student Reception Wednesday evening. The reception presented a chance for future vascular surgeons to build connections and network with their peers.

They shared what brought them to this year’s VAM, and some advice they would give to their younger selves, as well as to anyone just starting out in the medical field—student or otherwise.

“I worked on a project with Thomas Forbes, division chair and professor at the University of Toronto. The project was accepted for presentation at VAM, which intersected my involvement with the project and my interest in vascular surgery. It was perfect,” said Allen Li, a medical student at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

“Don’t be afraid to be involved and to do things that you want to do,” advised Jessica Nguyen, a medical student at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Nguyen encouraged students not to “mute themselves,” and encouraged them to speak up and really get involved.

A group of rising fourth-year medical students had the occasion to meet and connect with each other for the first time at VAM. The group touched on what they were looking forward to at this year’s in-person meeting.

SVS Diversity Medical Student VAM Travel Scholarship recipients Falen Demsas, Ariel Francois and Aderike Anjorin shared their excitement to meet other like-minded people who share a similar interest and passion for the future of vascular surgery.

“VAM has given me the invaluable opportunity to meet fellow students and see the latest research in the field,” said Anjorin, who is currently taking a research year at Duke University School of Medicine.

“VAM gives a great feel for the culture of different programs. Most interviews will be virtual for this year, so having the opportunity to meet anyone I can and find my place in the field is very valuable,” said Deena El-Gabri, a fourth-year medical student at the University of Wisconsin.

From students and residents looking to network and gain insight into the field vascular field, or a seasoned vascular specialist seeking new approaches and advances in patient care, VAM offers an opportunity for everyone to come together and hear the latest research on the cutting edge of vascular surgery.


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