Corner Stitch: A reflection on 2022…

Christopher Audu

This month’s column chronicles the exciting year we’ve had here at Corner Stitch. As the section editor, I’ve been most proud of the various authors who have contributed, and the range of topics discussed in the different monthly write-ups this year. 

To take a brief trip down the archive lane, we welcomed a new set of interns (who are now six months in!), learned how to write winning abstracts for meeting presentations (May 2022—Dr. DeCarlo), welcomed new fellows (April 2022—Dr. Aru), discussed the role of mentorship (VAM edition—Shane Dong, M3), and even profiled the founders of the Audible Bleeding podcast (September 2022) and the new Journal of Vascular Surgery internship program (November 2022). 

It’s been a banner year, and the diversity of voices has helped shape the topics so that they are relevant to the trainee navigating the training environment. Thank you to all the contributors this year. 

The year 2023 will bring a new set of challenges and topics. For instance, we now have the results of the BEST-CLI trial to help guide treatment options in our peripheral arterial disease patients. How will this affect trainees as we counsel patients? Moreover, what are key clinical trials that we all should know as trainees? Also, in 2023, we will welcome a new set of trainees at the resident and fellowship level. And there will be numerous conferences to attend—in particular the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM). 

Looking forward to the new year, we at Corner Stitch intend to continue the trend of having trainee voices share their experiences on a variety of topics. I hope you look forward to these exciting monthly installments. We have an exciting lineup, and are always open to suggestions. 

As the 2022 calendar year draws to an close, have a safe holiday season… and if you’re on call, may the vascular surgery force be with you! 

Christopher Audu, MD, is a vascular surgery resident at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the Vascular Specialist resident/fellow editor. 


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