Why you need a new SVS tie or scarf


Congratulations! You noticed that Vascular Specialist has a new look. And with your well-honed powers of observation you also noticed the inauguration of the new logo for the Society for Vascular Surgery. However, you may be somewhat nonplussed. Because of the new logo you may have to buy a whole new wardrobe of SVS garments. I must admit I was confused as to the rationale behind changing the logo.

Dr. Russell H. Samson

Surely it wasn’t because patients went elsewhere for treatment because they didn’t approve of the old one. I had never heard “Sorry Dr. Samson, I’m going to a cardiologist, I prefer the American College of Cardiology logo,” However, I now understand the reason behind this change is not so trivial. Rather, the new logo and Vascular Specialist’s appearance portends momentous changes in the aspirations and objectives of SVS and its publications.

Let me start with SVS. Long considered a staid, conservative organization geared mainly to promote academic and research achievements, it now fully embraces a commitment to the entire field of vascular surgery, its practitioners and patients. Under the leadership of current President Bruce Perler, the Executive Committee realized it is an imperative that government, health industries, and other medical specialists recognize the uniqueness of the spectrum of vascular surgeons’ services. Further, that this message is conveyed by SVS as our official mouthpiece.

You may ask how changing the logo conveys such a message. Simply put, the old logo does not work well with different color backgrounds and modern electronic media. It does not scale in updated websites, web browsers, or mobile apps. The new logo overcomes all these problems and by so doing confirms a change in direction for SVS. It acknowledges that our Society is part of the “Now” generation that understands the importance of all these new forms of communication. It affirms that branding and marketing the Society and its member vascular surgeons has become a priority.

Also, SVS recognized that this could only be achieved through an aggressive marketing campaign utilizing all that modern media has to offer. The first item on the Executive’s agenda was updating the SVS web site and for this a more workable logo was essential. The new website is in development and will debut soon. Concurrently, all aspects of branding will be revamped and the new logo will become omnipresent. It will now appear proudly on position papers, the JVS, SVS guidelines and all documents authored by the Society. I admit that to bolster this effort I have championed a complete name change to the American College of Vascular Surgery – but I have come to believe that this would be time consuming and entail so much cajoling that it would delay the SVS’s program. The website is a priority and our Society needs to move forward with its marketing campaign. The new logo is symbolic of the new SVS and it looks great!

The new design for Vascular Specialist begins as it enters its second decade as the official newspaper of SVS. Like SVS, our newspaper has also changed with the times. Although print has become very expensive, through the generosity of our many industry supporters, we have been able to expand the print editions to at least 20 pages every month and it is now mailed to over 5,000 members and affiliates worldwide.

A recent survey of SVS members confirmed that Vascular Specialist is the most widely read of all the vascular related periodicals. Importantly, Vascular Specialist also takes advantage of all the new methods of communication. It is now not only presented in print, but has an electronic presence with a website (www.vascularspecialistonline.com) and a mobile app containing many articles beyond those you will read in the print edition. We hope that vascular specialistonline.com will become your go to site for news and conversation related to all things vascular. One of my goals as Medical editor is to encourage you to not only be an avid reader, but also a contributor.

There are many ways you can help grow Vascular Specialist. Write a letter to the editor, contribute a Tips and Tricks, volunteer to write a Point/Counter Point column, submit an Opinion piece or simply respond to one of our online polls. Perhaps you wrote an article or made a presentation that you would like to reach a wider audience. You could send it to us and our reporters will convert it into newsworthy reports that can be printed or added to our online edition. Don’t fret over the chore of grammar and style; our writing staff will help make you seem like Shakespeare!

Of course patients did not avoid us because of our old logo and members read Vascular Specialist even though the font was old fashioned. However, these are important and exciting times and we want you to take part. We hope you will continue to read about your accomplishments and SVS achievements in print and electronic versions of Vascular Specialist. And yes, you may have to spring for a new SVS tie or scarf because the old ones are no longer current.
But, hopefully, the powers that be will recognize that a document or electronic media emblazoned with speaks authoritatively on behalf of vascular surgeons and our patients.

Dr. Samson is clinical professor of surgery (vascular) at Florida State University Medical School, is president of Mote Vascular Foundation, and an attending vascular surgeon, Sarasota (Fla.) Vascular Specialists.


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