VSIG webinar coming soon from APDVS


From 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. (CDT) on March 26, the Association of Program Directors in Vascular Surgery (APDVS) Recruitment of Medical Students and Residents Committee will present a free informational webinar called VSIG Live.

This will give all U.S. medical students the opportunity to experience a Vascular Surgery Interest Group (VSIG) meeting and to learn more about vascular surgery from one of the Society for Vascular Surgery’s affiliated organizations.

The webinar will highlight vascular surgery training options, how to start a VSIG at your institution, presentations from current trainees and more.

This is a great opportunity for practicing surgeons to host or sponsor a simple dinner for interested medical students at their local schools.

The webinar will work best if vascular surgeons take an interest at a local level. Impact the future and help make this event a success. Register today.


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