SVS-VESS@VAM 2023: Observational study addresses ‘ongoing debate’ around intervention in asymptomatic carotid patients

Alessandro Gregio, MD

Alessandro Gregio, MD, a vascular surgery trainee at the University of Bologna in Bologna, Italy, presented midterm results from the Carotid asymptomatic stenosis observational study during the first of two SVS-VESS (Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society) Scientific Sessions yesterday afternoon.

“Whether to intervene or to follow [asymptomatic] patients with best medical therapy is an ongoing matter of debate,” said Gregio, noting that he and colleagues performed a prospective observational cohort study to add data to the discussion. Out of 366 patients enrolled in the study, 306 completed follow-up.

Gregio, who was presenting the study results on behalf of senior author Mauro Gargiulo, MD, and colleagues, concluded that the 48-month risk of ipsilateral transient ischemic attack or stroke was 6% in a real-world scenario. He added that adherence to best medical therapy is high in this population, and also that plaque progression and contralateral stenosis are risk factors for neurological events during follow-up.

The researchers will follow patients out to five years, the presenter noted.


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