SVS PAC: We know who you are—do you know who we are?

The SVS PAC state of play

Let’s start with our mission statement: We at the SVS Political Action Committee (PAC) exist as the fundraising arm for the advancement of the legislative priorities of the SVS. Through education and advocacy, we interface with legislators regarding key issues and legislation impacting all vascular surgeons and the patients for whom we care.

The SVS PAC provides monetary support to the political campaigns of incumbents and challengers alike, whose votes and legislation are in line with the vision of the SVS.

A donation to the PAC influences policy outcomes that will continue to support the practice of vascular surgery.

The SVS PAC provides a direct link to legislators; we create an interface platform and dialogue that can affect the way you practice vascular surgery.

We know that these past several months have been hard—our clinical volumes have declined and many of our patients and friends have succumbed to COVID-19. But the last thing we should do is stick our heads in the sand and expect that things will return to normal.

What can you do? In this new election cycle, we face a series of cutbacks and legislative reform that will lead to 7% cuts in Medicare payments. If this goes through, you can imagine that it would be extrapolated to broad payment cuts across all procedure codes regardless of payer.

And if you think you are protected because you are a hospital employee, think again. We have small pockets but big ideas. We are working for you. We hope that you will support the PAC with a donation. We still only have about 6% of our SVS membership donating to the PAC. We need your support now more than ever.

The PAC is an annual donation program. We urge all members to keep your SVS PAC donations current by making a 2020 donation to SVS PAC. You can easily make your SVS PAC donation online at Additionally, please email Moe Malek at [email protected] to check on your PAC anniversary date. Resolving to donate can rest on an impulse as simple as this: “I am responsible for protecting the specialty.”

Mark A. Mattos, MD, and Peter H. Connolly, MD, are SVS PAC members.


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