SPECIAL REPORT: Vascular surgeons from across world report on early response to pandemic


The seismic impact of the novel coronavirus on vascular surgery across the globe continues to be absorbed. Practice changed, and the specialty pivoted to meet the challenges posed head on.

In the May issue of Vascular Specialist, we explored the Society for Vascular Surgery response and the different ways surgical practices in U.S. hotspots had been hit. In the June edition, we pointed a wide lens on the vascular landscape, producing an in-depth special report that chronicles the early experiences of vascular surgeons in key countries across the globe and cities dotted around North America.

A team led by Matthew Smith, MD, Laura Marie Drudi, MD, and Erica Leith Mitchell, MD, introduce these global perspectives about how they and their colleagues in far-flung locations tackled the pandemic as it arrived on their doorsteps. This is vascular surgeons in the thick of the crisis—in their own words.



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