President Hodgson to address ‘State of the SVS’

Kim Hodgson

Just don’t call it the Presidential Address: Instead, on Saturday, June 20, SVS President Kim Hodgson, MD, will present a “State of the SVS” address to kick off this year’s SVS ONLINE: New Discoveries and Advances in Vascular Surgery and welcome participants.

Saturday’s session takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Registration for SVS ONLINE is required, as is log-in, to access the live webinars.

“It’s not the Presidential Address,” said Hodgson. That, he said, will occur at next year’s 2021 Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) in San Diego.

In his 25-minute talk, he will cover how SVS pivoted from a live VAM to a virtual meeting and other actions taken in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also will discuss the status of four major initiatives of his presidency. These include:

  • The bylaws change to enfranchise all qualified members to vote from among a choice of candidates in our leadership elections
  • The importance of diversity and equity, including establishing an Equity and Diversity Task Force
  • Creating the SVS Health Information Technology Task Force as part of a focus on different ways to deliver healthcare
  • Collaboration with the American College of Surgeons on a verification and quality improvement program

“We’ve taken a number of strides with each program that I want to share with our members,” Hodgson said.

In fact, he has some major progress to share. What would that be?

Tune in Saturday to his “non-presidential address.”


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