Patient Education Press Releases Available for SVS Member Use


Each month, the Society for Vascular Surgery® (SVS) submits two vascular health press releases to more than 5,300 consumer media representatives nationwide. The press releases provide the public with information vital to the protection of their vascular health.

“The consumer-focused press releases help educate the public about vascular wellness,” said R. Clement Darling, MD, SVS Public and Professional Outreach Committee Chair. “Common themes are not smoking, eating healthy foods, exercising daily, and maintaining proper weight.”

Members of the SVS Public and Professional Outreach Committee review the articles prior to their release. The articles have resulted in an on-air interview with Health Radio, inclusion in Bloomberg Businessweek online, VIVA women’s magazine, the Grand Rapids Press in Michigan, and even Top News New Zealand.

SVS members may personalize and submit the successful consumer articles to their own local media. The press releases are ready to personalize and are available in the Branding Toolkits on®. For additional information, contact: [email protected]


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