Nominate ‘giver, doer’ for Excellence in Community Service Award

Three recipients of the 2020 and 2021 Excellence in Community Service Awards were honored during VAM in San Diego last year. From left are Daniel McDevitt, Russell Samson, William Shutze and Daniel McGraw

The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) is asking members to consider who among the many excellent vascular surgeons they may know in community practice might be worthy of nomination for the 2022 SVS Excellence in Community Service Award.

Applications for the honor—open only to those who practice in the community setting—are due Feb. 1, 2022.

It may be hard for some to define the qualities that denote “excellence” among their community practitioner colleagues. To help get those thoughts going, here are some of the actions of past recipients, who give and do much:

  • Mentored students, from high school to medical school and beyond
  • With partners, were early champions of “best practices” that included standardized group protocols and new technologies
  • Volunteered on mission trips
  • Active in SVS or local and state vascular surgery organizations
  • Helped create a network of rural satellite clinics, plus a mobile vascular lab that took care to patients’ homes
  • Written more than 100 peer-reviewed articles on improving ways to deliver patient care
  • Elevated the profile of vascular surgery with regular scientific presentations at state and local levels
  • In collaboration with a local community college, assisted in developing one of the first accredited training programs for Registered Vascular Technologists in the country
  • Instrumental in bringing modern vascular surgery to a rural community
  • Developed practice guidelines for preventive screenings and follow-up of high-risk vascular patients, leading to tracking and outreach programs to improve the quality of the vascular care for patients proactively

To be considered, applicants must be community practitioners and have been in practice as a vascular surgeon for at least 20 years. They also must have been an SVS member for at least five years, as well as demonstrate evidence of impact on vascular care or community health.

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