NIH-funded research on the use of AI in vascular surgery: A decade in the making


Vascular surgeon-scientist Elsie Gyang Ross, MD, recently secured coveted funding through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Project Grant Program (R01)—a rare feat for one so young having managed to achieve the career landmark before the age of 40.

Here, the associate professor of surgery at the University of California San Diego tells Vascular Specialist how she got started researching the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in vascular surgery, where it could improve care and how the $3 million-plus NIH funding will be used to build AI models that can predict peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in diverse patient populations.

“Not just at one hospital, but across the country,” she says, explaining the scope of her work. “And to see if these models—when we put them in the clinician’s hands—will actually change care.”


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