I want you to do my job


Malachi Sheahan III

It is never easy to replace a legend. The Vascular Specialist that Russell Samson has left behind does not require saving. There are, however, problems ahead for all vascular surgeons, and my hope is to use this forum to unite us. Vascular surgery is a small specialty in an existential crisis. There are just over 3,000 of us in the United States. Think of Vascular Specialist as your hometown newspaper. Instead of high school sports and bake sales we will cover scientific meetings, clinical trials, and relevant legislation. And maybe the occasional swap meet.


Different points of view are going to be an essential part of this process. Russell Samson represented the posh, privileged world of private practice while I come from the rough and tumble streets of academia (just checking to see if he is still reading). My hope is to bring more. More Tips and Tricks, more Point/Counterpoint, more Letters to the Editor, more input from you.

How can you get involved? If you read something and have a response, send it to me. Volunteer to write up a technical tip or provide a medical debate. Have an idea for a guest editorial? Let me know, preferably before you write it. If it is good I will likely publish it. If not, well we can still be friends. Keep in mind, unlike book publishing, we work on strict deadlines. (To the three people I owe book chapters: Soon, I promise!) We will also be starting a vascular news section for brief committee updates, course registration openings, and relevant policy changes.


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