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What is SVS Political Action Committee (PAC)?

SVS PAC is an independent committee formed in 2003 to raise funds and make contributions to the campaigns of United States House of Representatives and Senate candidates who understand the importance of high quality diagnosis and care for patients with vascular disease and the challenges of physician reimbursement. The SVS President appointed a Political Action Committee to participate in PAC fundraising and ensure SVS PAC effectiveness.

What is the difference between the SVS PAC and the SVS Health Policy Committee? How do they work together?

The SVS PAC and SVS Health Policy Committee work together to represent the interests of vascular surgery. Together, they provide a voice for the work of vascular surgeons.

The SVS Health Policy Committee is responsible for the SVS’ advocacy program that includes direct lobbying and grassroots activities which include communication with members of Congress through visiting, calling, and emailing. The SVS PAC raises funds that are used to support political campaigns for members of Congress and potential members of Congress who support the positions of vascular surgery. Attending campaign fundraising events provides SVS members and staff important time with policymakers to directly discuss issues important to the specialty.

Will my participation make a difference?

Funds raised by the SVS PAC allow vascular surgeons and SVS staff to provide a unified voice in Washington, D.C. through personal interaction with targeted members of Congress and their staffs. Interactions occur at small health care events on issues that have a major impact upon the vascular surgery profession. These issues include dwindling Medicare reimbursement and inappropriate cuts for vascular labs.

Where will my contributions go?

Most patients with vascular disease are Medicare beneficiaries. The committees of jurisdiction for Medicare issues include: the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee, and the Senate Finance Committee. PAC contributions are targeted to House and Senate members who serve on these committees. SVS PAC also supports members who are physicians and understand the role of vascular surgery as well as Congressional leaders. Attending PAC events with targeted members assures access and one-on-one conversations with them on significant issues. PACs may contribute up to $5000 per election cycle to individual political candidates. One hundred percent of SVS PAC contributions go directly to candidates.

Who can contribute? What is the maximum limit?

Voluntary contributions can be accepted from any United States citizen. However, solicitation for contributions is limited to SVS members. Corporate contributions are not permitted. No individual may contribute more than $5000 in any calendar year to the SVS PAC.


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