SVS vascular leaders: Cohort four of Leadership Development Program selected


Twenty-nine people have been selected for development as future leaders of the profession and the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS). 

They represent cohort four of the Leadership Development Program (LDP), a nine-month-long interactive course designed to help them reach their full potential as leaders and positively impact their workplaces, communities, the vascular surgery specialty and other important areas of their lives. 

Content includes the functional day-to-day behaviors and skills that drive success in leadership, how and where physicians can lead most effectively in complex health delivery systems, the science and physics of leadership, personality styles and emotional intelligence, strategies to strengthen resilience and avoid leader burnout, as well as conflict resolution and negotiation strategies. 

“I think more about switching gears between how I interact with colleagues in the operating room compared to clinic, the office, etc.,” said Max Wohlauer, MD, a cohort three member. “It was a very positive experience.” Fellow participant Mark Wheatcroft, MD, said the experience “taught me the importance of spending time gathering as much information as possible from the right people before acting, and to think deeply about strategy development. “I also find the LDP toolkit very helpful with analysis.” 

The program also provides four $3,000 Mastery Grants to LDP graduates, permitting them to continue leadership education. 

Selected for 2022–23 are: Clayton Brinster, MD, of Ochsner Health, New Orleans; Joseph Hart, MD, of Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Sharon Kiang, MD, from VA Loma Linda Healthcare System, Loma Linda, California; and Elisa Greco, of the University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is co-sponsored by the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery (SCVS) and the Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society (VESS). 

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