Bentley launches rebranded crossing catheter


Germany-based endovascular device company Bentley announced the launch of the BeBack crossing catheter—formerly known as the GoBack—designed for the treatment of heavily calcified lesions above and below the knee.

Bentley acquired the catheter in September 2022 from Upstream Peripheral Technologies, of Caesarea, Israel. The now re-branded BeBack crossing catheter is available in an 80cm and 120cm catheter in both 2.9F and 4F sizes.

The device makes use of a steerable and in-length adjustable nitinol needle, which can be used for crossing and targeted re-entry purposes, according to Bentley.

“A radiopaque marker indicates the direction in which the curved needle protrudes from the tip of the catheter,” the company says. “Multiple treatment options like antegrade, retrograde and crossover are possible with the BeBack catheter for intraluminal and subintimal approaches of stenotic or occluded lesions.”

The BeBack is CE marked and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared.


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