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When the Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) was approached to become involved in assessing vascular out-patient centers (OEC) the Clinical Practices Committee (CPC) convened to examine this topic that was arousing so much interest and concern among providers and patients.

Dr. George AndrosMedical Editor

After reviewing the preliminary CPC assessment, the SVS leadership asked two of the committee to develop an editorial for publication in Vascular Specialist. The intent is to survey the SVS membership on this increasingly relevant issue.

So click on the editorial. Read it. And take the easy online, interactive survey at the bottom.

Your views ARE important. They will help shape how SVS deals with this important issue going forward. Let us know your opinions about OECs. There is room for comment after each survey question, but if you have a lengthier opinion, please take the survey and then e-mail us your in-depth comments at [email protected].


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