VESAP5 mobile app now available


The mobile app for the fifth edition Vascular Educational Self-Assessment Program (VESAP5)—for both Android and Apple operating systems—is now available. Apple users need to visit the App Store, while Android users should visit Google Play (

The companion application allows users to access VESAP5 off-line and sync their progress once online again.

This user-friendly feature lets users access and use the program in nearly any environment, such as the operating room or during air travel. VESAP5 incorporate a highly secure authentication system that protects every user’s name, password and personal data.

The fifth version of VESAP builds on the strong foundation of earlier versions, offering updated questions across all modules, from cerebrovascular and renal/mesenteric to vascular laboratory and vascular medicine.

The modules and their content parallel the published subject areas for VSCORE (the vascular surgery component of the Surgical Council on Resident Education) curriculum.

VESAP5 includes a lab module that can be purchased separately.

The VESAP5 program was introduced in July 2020 at a 25% discount due to the financial difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Regular pricing resumes April 1.


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