Vascular Specialist–July 2020


In this issue:

  • A Vascular Specialist special report, introduced by medical editor Malachi Sheahan III, MD, focuses on vascular surgery’s role in facing up to a difficult national conversation on race and discrimination: “Cultural reckoning: Confronting systemic racism” (p. 1 and 4–6)
  • Coverage of the first few days of SVS ONLINE, the digital conference that substituted for the canceled Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM)—including reports from early scientific sessions, the Crawford Forum and the Roy Greenberg Distinguished Lecture (p. 8–9 and 11)
  • The ACC and SVS collaborate on a single vascular registry to help improve care and outcomes of patients with vascular disease (p. 14)
  • A report from CX 2020 LIVE virtual conference, which held a vascular access session featuring debate on the place of endovascular fistula creation (p. 16–17)


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