Vascular Cures Wylie Scholar Application Deadline: March 31


The SVS Foundation is now partnering with Vascular Cures on its Wylie Scholar Program. The Wylie Scholar Program provides a crucial career development award to outstanding surgeon-scientists conducting innovative academic research. This three-year, $150,000 grant is awarded to one promising vascular surgeon-scientist in North America annually. Vascular Cures established the Wylie Scholar Program in 1996. The partnership with SVS Foundation reflects the shared commitment of both organizations to advancing the field through development of the next generation of leading vascular surgeon-scientists.

The Vascular Cures Wylie Scholar Program created a network of 16 talented surgeon-scientists at 13 institutions around the country who are transforming patient care and who have become leaders in vascular surgery and research at major medical centers. This award has played an important role in the awardees’ careers. They have, on average, received $2.8 million in subsequent national research funding. Learn more about the impact of the Wylie Scholar Program and submit an application by March 31.


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