SVS seeks volunteers to test website navigability

The SVS is undertaking a website overhaul, and seeks volunteers to test navigability

The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) is on the lookout for volunteers to help fine-tune a planned overhaul of, the SVS website.

Testers are required to undertake 10- to 15-minute website navigation tests before Feb. 22. The effort is aimed at helping the Society road-test navigability of the site amid a redesign to improve usability.

The test is a series of 22 questions prompting volunteers to find specified website items from a list of possible links. Testers will click through the listed links until they arrive at the spot on the website where they believe the requested item can be found—
the test allows users to backtrack if they decide they have made a wrong turn.

“There are no right or wrong answers,” the SVS advises. “Instead, you will be providing SVS with valuable information on site navigation and how items are grouped together.”

The SVS aims to complete the testing process by Feb. 22. Questions and comments can be directed by email to [email protected]. The test can be accessed here.


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