SVS PAC: A Decade of Access to Congress


The SVS Political Action Committee (PAC) reaches a notable milestone this year. It has supported SVS members by opening doors to members of Congress whose decisions directly impact upon vascular surgeons’ practices. The SVS PAC is the only PAC that champions the unified voice of vascular surgery. Other PACs have a broader constituency and may not always represent the best interests of vascular surgeons.

“In the 10 years since its inception, SVS PAC has truly become ‘Your Voice for Your Future,’” said Carlo Dall’Olmo, MD, SVS PAC chair. “With representation from every regional society, the PAC is committed to contributing to candidates who support initiatives that benefit the care of our patients and support appropriate physician compensation for our services.”

The SVS PAC was started by a team of members in 2002. Then in 2005, SVS hired a professional lobbyist with an office in Washington, D.C., who also administers the PAC. Since then, contributions have multiplied to $100,000 annually. In 2011, SVS members and staff attended approximately 80 candidate fundraisers to explain the importance of vascular surgery and its legislative issues. Without this direct contact, the voice of vascular surgery would not be heard.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary has special meaning for the SVS PAC this year because the 2012 Vascular Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. on June 7-9. Plans are being made for special events, including a reception on Capitol Hill with members of Congress.

Make your SVS PAC contribution on or use the contribution form in this issue of Vascular Specialist.

“Going forward, we must all commit as a team to a stronger voice and a stronger PAC. There is no turning back and no other option,” said Dr. Dall’Olmo.


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