SVS History Digital Archive Task Force calls for notabilia


The SVS History Digital Archives Task Force is soliciting contributions as it aims to present a curated collection to SVS members and the medical community. The initiative came from the SVS Executive Board earlier this year as members saw a need to foster a comprehensive digital repository of the specialty. 

Task Force Co-Chairs Jerry Goldstone, MD, and Craig Miller, MD, have outlined a list of topics of potential interest. These include historical figures, technological advancements, scientific discoveries and novel procedures of significant clinical impact. Miller emphasized that members with primary-source items are encouraged to submit. 

“One of the things we’re doing right now is assembling documents that we’ve created ourselves … We aim to assemble these items to create a cohesive narrative. This is a project that should be ongoing. Moving forward, what is present will become past. As another generation comes along, there are things that will turn out to be of historical significance.” Submit at 


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