SVS diversity celebration at VAM 2023


The Society for Vascular Surgery celebrates all of its members at the inaugural Celebration of Diversity Reception at the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) 2023.

In previous years, many specific groups held smaller receptions while at VAM, including young surgeons, women and many others, including alumni groups. For this year, SVS organizers decided to instead combine many into one.

“In the past, the Women’s Networking Reception was held as an extension of the ‘Women’s Committee,’ a designation that preceded the current Women’s Section,” said Audra Duncan, MD, one of the founding members and current chair of the Women’s Section.

“The reception became so popular, that it was typically difficult to enter the packed room at the venue. So, the reception evolved into larger and larger rooms, and the invite list became broader to capture the wide audience that was interested in attending,” she said.

“It is breath-taking to see the large audience at this reception compared to the handful of us in a room 20 years ago, and to know we are gathering with so many other VAM members.”


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