SVS creates limb salvage-focused Frank J. Veith Lectureship

Frank Veith is presented before the 2022 SVS Annual Business Meeting in Boston

Next year’s Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) will include a new named lecture: the Frank J. Veith Lecture, named in honor of former Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) President Frank Veith, MD.

Immediate Past President Ali AbuRahma, MD, announced the new lecture—which now joins the John Homans Lecture and the Roy Greenberg Distinguished Lecture—during the 2022 Annual Business Meeting on Saturday June 18, VAM 2022 closing day, in Boston. Initially, it will be presented every other year, starting in 2023.

The lecture will focus on limb salvage and ground-breaking research into the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The Society president will select the speaker in consultation with the Executive Board.

“I am truly overwhelmed and most grateful to the SVS for affording me this recognition,” Veith told those present at the meeting. “I’m really blown away by it.

“Of all the organizations in the world, I’ve always held the SVS in the highest esteem,” he said, calling establishment of the Lectureship “a singular honor.”

He added that he believes PAD and limb salvage are topics of importance for vascular surgery to recognize and highlight. He encouraged his colleagues to maintain and sustain the leadership of vascular surgery and SVS in the care of PAD patents.

In addition to being a past SVS president, Veith is chair of the VEITHsymposium, which brings together not only vascular surgeons but also interventional radiologists, interventional cardiologists and other vascular specialists learn the most current information about what is new and important in the treatment of vascular disease.

This is the first new named lectureship in many years, noted AbuRahma. The Roy Greenberg Distinguished Lecture debuted at the 2013 VAM. SVS established the Homans Lectureship in 1950 at the fourth annual Vascular Annual Meeting. For many years, it was not necessarily presented annually, as it is now.


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