Special invited research presentations offered at VAM

Katherine Gallagher, MD,

VAM traditionally includes presentations from specially invited translational researchers that are performing cutting-edge work focused on vascular disease. All are held during plenary sessions.

“These presentations inform the larger VAM audience about cutting-edge translational science performed by our members and, very importantly, how that research can, will and does translate to the care of the vascular patient,” said Katherine Gallagher, MD, chair of the Basic and Translational Research Committee.

“Our vascular surgeon-scientists look to the future as they evaluate molecular mechanisms and gain valuable information from human tissues and animal models. Research today could lead to breakthroughs in the coming years, and it’s important to tell our members about treatment possibilities from the exciting research that is going on,” she said.

“No one is more interested in identifying new treatments for vascular disease than vascular surgeons, who know and deal with these problems in our patient population.”

The 10-minute presentations include seven minutes of information followed by a three-minute discussion period led by a moderator. “We are thrilled to showcase this year’s presenters,” she said. They are:

  • “The endothelial cell is the superhero of the vascular system,” by Kathryn L. Howe, MD, PhD, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Discussant, Dr. Andrea Obi; 10:37–10:47 a.m. Wednesday, during Plenary 2
  • “Cellular mechanisms of tissue repair in the ischemic limb,” Kevin Southerland, MD, Duke University Medical Center; Discussant, Dr. Gale L. Tang; 8–8:10 a.m. Thursday, during Plenary 3
  • “The effect of physical activity on aneurysm and dissection: Insights from animal models,” by Areck Ucuzian, MD, PhD; University of Maryland School of Medicine; Discussant, Jean Marie Ruddy, MD; 8–8:10 a.m. Friday, during Plenary 5


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