Save the date for June 17, 2022, for Gala celebration

Starting the anniversary celebration off with cake—what’s a party without cake?—are, from left, SVS President-Elect Michael Dalsing, MD, Treasurer Keith Calligaro, MD, Past President Kim Hodgson, MD, Immediate Past President Ronald Dalman, MD, President Ali AbuRahma, MD, Secretary Amy Reed, MD, Vice President Joseph Mills, MD, and SVS Executive Director Kenneth M. Slaw, PhD. Festivities will culminate with the 2022 VAM in Boston, at the SVS Foundation “Vascular Spectacular” Gala on Friday, June 17, 2022. Save the Date, SVS members!

It’s our party and, unlike in the Lesley Gore classic song, there will be no crying. And there also will be far more than “16 Candles” on the cake. In fact, there’ll be 75.

The celebration of the Society for Vascular Surgery’s 75th anniversary officially commenced Friday evening at the President’s Reception and 75th anniversary kick-off, complete with a festive cake and plenty of people on hand.

Revelries will continue for the next 10 months, culminating at the 2022 Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) in Boston (June 15 to 18, 2022).

Members, be sure to save the date of June 17, 2022, for the SVS Foundation “Vascular Spectacular” Gala, the 75th anniversary/birthday party for the Society. All proceeds will benefit the SVS Foundation.



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