Review the year in SVS Foundation annual report


In a year prominently defined once more by COVID-19, the SVS Foundation nonetheless took some big steps forward, with new initiatives and a big increase in the number of donors (28%) as well as the percentage of Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) Active members who contributed (26%).

The Foundation is, as the title of its annual report proclaims, “Opening Doors to New Horizons.” Read the report for:

  • Financial highlights
  • The major impact—a 9.5- fold return—of a major SVS Foundation research award program
  • How mentorship influences the profession’s future
  • A donor’s story of why he gives
  • The SVS Foundation’s “honor roll” of donors
  • How to give to the SVS Foundation

Please contribute to the SVS Foundation’s annual appeal today to help it continue to impact patient care and to continue to open doors to new tomorrows in healthcare.

In appreciation, contributors’ names will be included in an “honor roll” of donors on the Foundation website, on the SVS Foundation recognition board at the 2022 Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM) and in the FY22 SVS Foundation annual report.


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