Participate in a Retirement Plan


“Tranche” dates — for completing all the paperwork for the Kai-Zen retirement accelerator program offered through the SVS Affinity Program of expanded benefits — have been set for 2019. The first dates are Jan. 28, March 11 and May 6. Generally, paperwork can take approximately 30 or more days, but someone who has already started could meet the Jan. 28 date. Kai-Zen combines financing and life insurance, with premiums jointly funded by lenders and the participant (or an employer). It can help members speed investment growth in their life insurance policies, using leverage that provides up to 60 percent more death benefit protection and 60 percent more supplemental retirement income. See a video of how Kai-Zen works here. For more information contact Mark Blocker at [email protected] or at 312-291-4472.


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