Open the Pathway Recognition 2012-2013


The Open the Pathway campaign, conducted in 2009 and into early 2010, received strong support from SVS members, regional societies, and industry partners. The Foundation thanks those who supported the campaign and continue their pledge contributions.

SVS Member Contributors

Platinum Level – $25,000-plus

George Andros, MD

Mark G. Davies, MD, PhD

Nicholas D. Garcia, MD

Vivienne J. Halpern, MD

William H. Pearce, MD

Gold Level – $10,000-plus

G. Patrick Clagett, MD

Michael C. Dalsing, MD

Rumi Faizer, MD, FRCS (C)

Dr. Bruce and Diane L. Gewertz

John F. Golan, MD

Joseph Magnant, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Mills Sr.

Gregory J. Pearl, MD

Dr. Bauer and Catherine Sumpio

Dr. Dan and Teri Walsh

Robert M. Zwolak, MD, PhD

Silver Level – $5,000-plus

Dr. Victor and Suzan Bernhard

Phillip L. Cacioppo, MD

Richard P. Cambria, MD

Alexander W. Clowes, MD

Michael S. Conte, MD

Jack L. Cronenwett, MD

Ronald L. Dalman, MD

Alan Dardik, MD, FACS

Herbert Dardik, MD

Matthew J. Eagleton, MD

Julie Ann Freischlag, MD

Dr. Peter and Monika Gloviczki

Nancy L. Harthun, MD

Peter K. Henke, MD

Mark D. Iafrati, MD

Karl A. Illig, MD

William D. Jordan Jr., MD

Dr. and Mrs. Larry W. Kraiss

Gary W. Lemmon, MD

Peter F. Lawrence, MD

Rebecca M. Maron, CAE

Kevin D. Martin, MD

Donna M. Mendes, MD, FACS

Charles S. O’Mara, MD

William Oppat, MD

Jeffrey M. Rhodes, MD

Gary R. Seabrook, MD

Dr. Thomas and Mary Wakefield

Dean H. Wasserman, MD, FACS

Fred A. Weaver, MD

Bronze Level – $1,000-plus

Harry B. Abramowitz, MD

Ali F. AbuRahma, MD

Enrico Ascher, MD

Martin R. Back, MD

J. Dennis Baker, MD

William H. Baker, MD

Dr. Tim and Barbara Baxter

Michael Belkin, MD

Richard A. Berg, MD

James H. Black III, MD

O. William Brown, MD, JD

Dr. Jim and Cindi Chandler

John A. Curci, MD

Magruder C. Donaldson, MD

Maciej L. Dryjski, MD, PhD

Drs. Matthew and Angela Edwards

Dr. John and Lacy Eidt

Ronald M. Fairman, MD

Drs. Mark and Mary Fillinger

Thomas L. Forbes, MD

Randall W. Franz, MD

Mark L. Friedell, MD

Dennis R. Gable, MD

Vivian Gahtan, MD

Stephen M. Gemmett, MD

Gary Giangola, MD

Joseph S. Giglia, MD, FACS

Jerry Goldstone, MD

Sachinder Singh Hans, MD

Anil P. Hingorani, MD

Daniel Ihnat, MD

K. Wayne Johnston, MD

Vik S. Kashyap, MD

Steven G. Katz, MD

Christopher J. Kwolek, MD

Gregory J. Landry, MD

George S. Lavenson Jr., MD

Stephen E. Lee, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Scott LeMaire

Timothy K. Liem, MD

Frank W. LoGerfo, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lynn

Michel S. Makaroun, MD

M. Ashraf Mansour, MD

Gordon H. Martin, MD

Douglas W. Massop, MD

Robert B. McLafferty, MD

George H. Meier, MD

Charles S. Mesh, MD

Louis M. Messina, MD

Erica L. Mitchell, MD

Marc E. Mitchell, MD

Satish C. Muluk, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Hara

Robert W. Osborne Jr., MD

Bruce A. Perler, MD

Rip B. Pfeiffer Jr., MD

Kevin B. Raftery, MD

Thomas S. Riles, MD

L. Richard Roedersheimer, MD

David Rosenthal, MD

Russell H. Samson, MD

Marc L. Schermerhorn, MD

Darren B. Schneider, MD

Maureen K. Sheehan, MD

Paula K. Shireman, MD

Gregorio A. Sicard, MD

Anton N. Sidawy, MD

James C. Stanley, MD

W. Charles Sternbergh, III, MD

Ronald J. Stoney, MD

Windsor Ting, MD

Jeffrey D. Trachtenberg, MD

Edith Tzeng, MD

Gib R. Upchurch, MD

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Whittemore

Wei Zhou, MD

Foundation Friends

Jeffrey L. Ballard, MD

Keith D. Calligaro, MD

Paul Christenberry, MD

J. Louis Cohen, MD

William B. Cohen, MD

Jack E. Connolly, MD

David V. Cossman, MD

Wayne S. Gradman, MD

Raul J. Guzman, MD

Melina R. Kibbe, MD

Edward Li, MD

W. Burley McIntyre, MD

C. Keith Ozaki, MD

William C. Pevec, MD

Steve Powell, MD

Rajeev K. Rao, MD

Daniel J. Reddy, MD

Norman M. Rich, MD

Joel C. Rosenfeld, MD

Farouq Ali Samhouri, MD

Bhagwan Satiani, MD

Michael J. Singh, MD

Robert P. Smilanich, MD

Robert B. Smith, III, MD

Robert B. Swersky, MD

Jay Vasquez Jr., MD

Willis H. Wagner, MD

Edward Y. Woo, MD

Vascular Society Contributors

Eastern Vascular Society

Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society

New England Vascular Surgical Society

Western Vascular Society

Corporate Contributors

Premier Partners ($250,000 – plus)

Philips Healthcare

President’s Circle ($100,000 – plus)

Abbott Vascular



Open the Pathway Contributors

Cook Medical

GE Healthcare






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