NHLBI Strategic Vision Completed with SVS Input


By helping to formulate the new NHLBI Strategic Vision, the SVS successfully advocated for prioritization of disease processes which challenge vascular surgeons. “With continued advocacy and support, we can better position our members for successful NIH funding in the future,” said the SVS Research Council, in a summer document on the Strategic Vision.

NHLBI recently released “Charting the Future Together: The NHLBI Strategic Vision.” More than a year ago, the SVS, spearheaded by the Research Council, participated in the strategic visioning process by contributing compelling questions and critical challenges and providing feedback on the draft report. SVS delivered a key message that “it is essential to prioritize disease processes which challenge vascular surgeons and vascular physicians.” The Society’s involvement was critical because the Strategic Vision defines research areas deemed to be the most important, timely and feasible for NHLBI to address in its targeted/solicited research in the next decade.

The Research Council has prepared a brief summary of the NHLBI Strategic Vision.


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