Navigate SVS ONLINE with planner


The perfect match for an online meeting? An online planner. And it makes navigating SVS ONLINE a snap.

It follows the basic outline of planners from the past few iterations of the Vascular Annual Meeting (VAM), with left-side navigation links for the program itself, educational credits, faculty, registration, the accompanying sessions from the Vascular Quality Initiative and the Society for Vascular Nursing, sponsors, exhibitors, as well as a whole host of other functions.

Users may find the full schedule and then browse by date or sessions. Each item will reveal more information on the session plus, where applicable, the corresponding abstracts and other supporting information.

The online planner functions as a useful aid in order to mark out specific sessions of interest, and includes the ability to create a list of “favorites.”

Attendees can also claim educational credits and take self- assessment exams immediately after applicable sessions.

Find the planner at:


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