Missing your journals? Be sure your dues are paid


Have you paid your 2021 Society for Vascular Surgery dues? If you haven’t, you’re missing access to all of the latest research in the Journal of Vascular Surgery publications.

And that’s not all. SVS membership confers an array of benefits. Only members can use the new SVS Branding Toolkit, with videos, referral brochure and fliers, vascular condition fliers and ads, to help vascular surgeons tell their story about the comprehensive care they provide. The SVSConnect online community is for members only as well. Take advantage of these benefits and everything else SVS has to offer. Renew your dues today at vsweb.org/SVSDues.

Those members in year four of their “graduated candidate” membership must now transition to Active membership. Those who did not apply for such membership by Dec. 1, 2020, could also see their benefits interrupted. March 1 is the first application deadline for 2021. Visit vsweb.org/Join.


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