Journal of Vascular Surgery Web Site Enhancements


The Journal of Vascular Surgery (JVS) has migrated to a new web platform, providing readers with improved search capabilities and mobile-friendly content. The full site version for JVS now allows users to search within a single issue, collection, and by article type. It also uses a “Smart Search” feature that proposes search words once the user begins to enter text into a search box.


A snapshot from the mobile app.

“The website offers readers a simple way to browse back issues,” said senior editor Dr. Bruce A. Perler. “Rather than requiring the user to select the publication year, volume, and issue number of the Journal they want to access, users can now view all Journals from a single page.”

In addition to these search features, the full-text article view has been upgraded to include a more relevant list of related articles, selected by medical concept rather than keyword.

The mobile view allows users to access every issue of JVS from Volume 1, Issue 1. Mobile users may also download content to read offline, post articles to social media accounts, and browse articles in press.

“We are happy to offer the readership improved access to the Journal of Vascular Surgery on their mobile devices. This new platform is easy to navigate and our content is easy to read on smaller devices,” said editor-in-chief, Dr. Anton N. Sidawy.

These new features for the Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders are expected to be available in the fall.


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