Introducing Our New International Editors


If our readers have any doubt, all they need do is casually scan the program for the recent VAM in Chicago or examine the content and Editorial Board of a current copy of the JVS to realize that the Society for Vascular Surgery is unquestionably an international organization. This sort of globalization, in contrast to the variety that, according to Tom Friedman, makes the world flat instead makes our specialty more vibrant and interesting than ever.

Because of this world change we believe that our journals should better represent the people that write and read our journals, and so, too, this newspaper. For this reason, we introduce in this issue our two newest members of the Vascular Specialist Editorial Board: From England, we have Professor Cliff Shearman, and from Australia, Professor Rob Fitridge. Both have a well-deserved preeminence and will broaden the view and the viewpoint of your SVS newspaper.

Dr. Cliff Sherman

Professor Shearman is professor of vascular surgery at the University of Southampton and a consultant vascular surgeon at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust. He was on the Council and Chairman of the Training and Education Committee of the Vascular Society of Great Britain and Ireland, and President of the Society (2009-2010) He has a long time interest in training and was appointed head of the Wessex Post Graduate School of Surgery in 2007. He is currently president elect of the Society for Academic Research Surgery and Director of Professional Practice for the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland. His main clinical interest is in the vascular complications of diabetes and in particular trying to reduce the rate of amputation in this group.

Professor Fitridge is professor of vascular surgery at the University of Adelaide and Head of Vascular Surgery at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He became chairman of the Board of Vascular Surgery in 2002 and during his tenure the online curriculum was developed. In collaboration with Matt Thompson he edited “Mechanisms of Vascular Disease: A Textbook for Vascular Surgeons” published by Cambridge University Press. His research interests include the systemic effects of skeletal muscle reperfusion injury and outcome modelling in aortic surgery. He recently was elected president of the ANZSVS and is president of the World Federation of Vascular Societies.

Dr. Rob Fitridge

We welcome these new additions to our editorial team.

George Andros, M.D.

Medical Editor


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