Interviews With Historic Vascular Leaders Available


The vascular surgery specialty has been blessed with outstanding innovators who are responsible for the advancements the field has experienced throughout the years. Now, these leaders’ stories will be archived in digital videotape interviews on VascularWeb in “About Us, History of Vascular Surgery, Interviews with Leaders.”

SVS leadership formed a History Project Work Group with James S.T. Yao, MD, chair, and members: Mark Eskandari, MD; Roger Gregory: MD, Peter Lawrence, MD; Walter McCarthy, MD; Norman Rich, MD; and Calvin Ernst, MD (consultant). The work group will convert previous historical interviews in VHS tapes to DVD and develop a new series of interviews with leaders in vascular surgery for VascularWeb in DVD format. DVD hard copy is available for distribution upon request by members.

Dr. Yao provided this report: “To date, three interviews are available for viewing and downloadable on VascularWeb: Dr. Denton Cooley. Dr. John Ochsner, and Dr. Frank Veith. Interviews with Dr. Harry B. Shumacker, Jr. and Dr. Michael DeBakey during the 50th SVS anniversary are currently available on DVD and will be downloadable on VascularWeb in the future. The group is on converting VHS tape interviews with Dr. John Ochsner and Dr. Michael DeBakey to DVD. Several additional interviews have been completed and are pending final editing. They include: Dr. Juluis Jacobson, Dr. Frank Spencer, and Dr. Anthony Imparato. A DVD interview of Dr. Emerick Szilagyi (courtesy of Dr. D. Reddy) will be uploaded to VascularWeb as well. The work group is excited about the project and will continue to interview leaders in vascular surgery.”

In addition to DVD-video interview library, the work group has updated the history information of the vascular specialty and SVS. ☐


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