Inspired by a Poster Award, Dr. Halpern Donates to SVS Foundation


It was a poster award that inspired Vivienne Halpern, MD, of Phoenix, AZ, to support vascular research in general and the SVS Foundation in particular. “More than 10 years ago, I won a poster award through the Eastern Vascular Society from the William J. Von Liebig Foundation,” said Dr. Halpern. “This pre-dates the SVS Foundation, but the award inspired me to do more.”

A practicing vascular surgeon since 1998, Dr. Halpern became an active member of SVS in 2004. She donates her time and has served on the SVS Women’s Leadership Committee, the Quality and Performance Measures Committee, the Public and Professional Outreach Committee, and the SVS Foundation Development Committee.

Dr. Halpern has provided financial support to SVS Foundation during the last four years. “I want to improve research funds for vascular research and help up-and-coming surgeon scientists,” she said. “That’s why I donate to SVS Foundation.”

Funds donated to the SVS Foundation by Dr. Halpern and others provide awards for clinical and translational research. The funds enable researchers to develop new advances in vascular care. “To improve the care of vascular patients and progress the field of vascular surgery and vascular medicine, those are the reasons I contribute to SVS Foundation,” she said.


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