How is MACRA Data Gathering Going? Final 2017 90-day Reporting Period Begins Oct. 2


Payment adjustments for Medicare reimbursement come in 2019 — but the adjustments are based on data being collected now, in 2017. If you have not begun collecting data as yet, you MUST begin no later than Oct. 2, 2017!

You will be required to send in your performance data no later than March 31, 2018. If your practice is participating in a CMS-approved Alternative Payment Model (APM), MIPS participation is not required. For 2017 there is currently no APM specific to vascular surgery. The SVS has formed a Task Force to develop a vascular APM.

The first payment adjustments based on performance go into effect on Jan. 1, 2019. Those members who do not participate in 2017 will receive a 4 percent penalty from Medicare.

SVS has held four webinars recently helping members learn what they need to know for the changes. View the materials here.


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