How an aortic ally can help physicians optimize patient outcomes


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Kimberley Wunder

The aorta is special. As one of the most complex and critically important vessels of the vascular system, the aorta presents unique challenges. As such, it deserves an investment in constant and specialized care to ensure optimal patient outcomes. 

I’ve often heard the question “What is the device manufacturer’s role beyond providing products?” Clinicians benefit greatly from a device manufacturer relationship that provides much-needed clarity on recommended solutions for their patient. From highly responsive device delivery, to deeply specialized technical expertise, to complete consultative discussions, physicians need to know they can count on their medical device provider as a source of integral support. Physicians need an aortic ally who is equally invested in achieving the best possible outcomes for patients. 

Whether a vascular or cardiothoracic surgeon is performing an endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) or thoracic EVAR (TEVAR) procedure, they need to feel they can trust and rely on the device, as well as the manufacturer’s clinical and technical knowledge that support the use of that device. 

For example, a trusted aortic ally supports the physician well beyond the acquisition of a product, providing technical expertise for their device of interest and supporting clinical decision-making by sharing their knowledge of clinical trials and outcomes. What type of experience and knowledge does the clinical or sales representative offer? How many cases do they support on average? They should be able to rely on their aortic ally for timely responses, trusted information, and essential technical device proficiency for EVAR and TEVAR procedures, literature case studies, and device specificity for unique anatomies and cases. 

How does a medical device manufacturer evolve to demonstrate commitment to innovation and valuable experiences to provide the best outcomes for patients? A good aortic ally is committed to the development, support and refinement of physician-supportive resources. Such resources include case studies and educational webinars to share surgical expertise, thought leadership on cutting-edge research, clinical trial developments, and the latest product innovations, demonstrations and videos of device use, product information and literature, and peer recommended techniques. This array of supporting resources should be simple to navigate, have practical application, and be succinct and easy to share with physician peers. 

In today’s fast-moving surgical landscape, this means device manufacturer support that goes beyond products and considers holistic solutions that can be tailored to different types of patients. Equally important is an understanding of aortic device limitations in critical cases. A device manufacturer committed to the best patient outcomes includes a sales force with a focus on supporting physicians in choosing the right product for each patient, even when that product is not their own. 

Ultimately, an aortic ally combines innovation with reliability for solutions that deliver real-world improvements to the lives of patients with aortic disease. 

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Kimberley Wunder, PhD, is a Clinical Application Specialist at W. L. Gore & Associates, delivering clinical and operational expertise, and providing education and training support within the aortic product portfolio to clinical end-users. She is passionate about engaging with customers, and accelerating research and development efforts into improved clinical outcomes.


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